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Radisys Trillium Radvision VoIP/IMS/3G Solution Spirit Voice/Video engine Adax signaling board and SG Surf Media Solution
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Radisys/Trillium protocol stack
Radisys was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in San Diego, CA. From the beginning the company's strategy has been to provide Network Service-Ready Platforms? that enable telecom equipment manufacturers to rapidly deploy converged communications. The company is now focused on addressing the needs of the high-growth wireless, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) markets.

Radvision VOIP/IMS/SG Develop Solution

Spirit Voice/Video engine

Since inception in 1992 SPIRIT ( has become a global brand in top quality voice, audio and data communication software products. SPIRIT delivers embedded voice, audio, video and communication products and consulting services to the world's leading telecommunication equipment and semiconductor vendors, collaboration software vendors and mobile OEMs/ODMs.Spirit Audio Engine has high-Performance. MP3 decoder uses only 7.5 MHz of the ARM9e CPU on average.

Adax signaling board and SG
    Adax ( ) was founded in Berkeley, California in 1982. Adax offers a complete set of products that covers all signaling protocols and many hardware formats to provide the perfect solution for any signaling requirement. Adax high performance solutions are available across SS7, ATM and IP networks giving customers unparalleled flexibility in developing their solutions.

Surf Media Solution
    SURF Communication Solutions (SURF) is an industry leader in high-capacity processing solutions for real-time multimedia communication systems and applications. Since 1996, SURF’s products have delivered the integral technology behind the world’s top multimedia servers and gateways. SURF-powered multimedia applications deliver next-gen services to millions of end-users every day, while our integrated media and signaling engines provide a fully converged multimedia processing subsystem in various form factors; affording unmatched density, interoperability and performance.



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