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Tekview APEX ITSM Software


    Tekview APEX is the comprehensive ITSM software for all of ITSM system ,which service the full of customer`s IT system.   


    Through continuous monitoring of the enterprise network equipments, servers, middleware, databases, business applications, security equipments and basic sustainable system (such as the computer room, air-condition, UPS, transmission, etc.), OSSWorks helps the system administrator at a glance understanding of the entire IT operation of the system through a browser-based GUI and greatly improve the management efficiency and service level.OSSWorks is not just a simple management toolkit, a daily operational sustainable platform more. It provides IT system operation and process management.

APEX Integration Manager
   Apex ITManager is a state of art ITSM solution developed by Tekview Co., Ltd, which enables customers achieve unified and comprehesive monitoring and management for the increasingly complex IT resource, such as network, servers, desktop, storage, application, services, business, assets and OSS process, etc.

APEX NetManager

APEX FlowManager
    Apex FlowManager is a network traffic monitoring product developed by Tekview. It is a powerful tool of traffic monitoring, measurement, tracking, analysis and management. Apex FlowManager provides comprehensive real-time network traffic reports and statistical data for the entire network, and implements in-depth analysis of network traffic composition and path.

APEX DesktopManager
    Taking desktop computer as the management object, the theory of ITIL/ITSM and IT security as the core conception, Tekview has developed a set of desktop management software which is adapted to the users’ demands after a deep research of the desktop management requirement.

Apex TransManager
    Apex TransManager is one Network Management System developed by Tekview Co., Ltd to manage optical transport network, which aimed to satisfy different requirements of enterprise-wide private network. Based on rich experience and new technology of Tekview, Apex TransManager has implemented complete control of optical transport network and access network, providing a total solution to manage devices from different vendors.


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